Raspberry Pi – my new love ;)

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So the story is that once in a while I become obsessed with a new idea or a project. I’m kind of a hotspur and usually try things out immediately. I did fall for needle felted animals and various handmade stuff, I developed bunch of mobile applications, run cat themed web pages, just to name a few of my crazes :). It gives me a positive kick and is always a good opportunity to learn something new.

Ladies and gentlemen I present you my new love: Raspberry Pi :)

Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi

This tiny, yet powerful computer (1 GB RAM, Quad Core Broadcom BCM2837 processor) runs on Raspbian, a Debian based operating system. I own Raspberry Pi 3, and the board incorporates four USB ports, a HDMI port, a jack for audio output and even an ethernet port. OS is installed on a micro SD card, which is placed at the bottom:

Raspberry Pi

I bought my Pi in a starter pack, so together with the computer I got a prototyping plate and a GPIO adapter to connect those two:

Raspberry Pi with a prototyping plate

The idea is that one can very easily play around with leds, buttons and other electronic parts without the need to solder those elements to Pi. I can’t solder. At least not yet :) What’s even cooler is that making the led blink is pretty easy (even for a beginner like me) – it’s done with just a few lines of code in a python script :) I bought myself Electronics for dummies and I’m very eager to try new things out :)

So my recent activities involve playing around with linux – that I have very basic knowledge of, as well as programming in python – no experience either :) Despite being linux / python / electronics dummie I managed to came up with some cool stuff that I want to share with you in my next posts. Stay tuned :)