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So I have decided to take part in Get Noticed contest. The thing is for programmers and the rules are quite simple: one has to develop an open source project (in any technique) and blog about its progress :)

It’s been a long time since I have worked on a project only for my pleasure and I’ve always wanted to develop the „tech” part of my blog, so this is a great opportunity to make things happen. I have also decided to write posts in english in hopes of reaching more audience :)

I haven’t enrolled yet (still got two weeks), because one of the required fields in contest’s registration form is about giving a name of the project I’ll be working on. And this is the part I’m currently trying to figure out… I have a few ideas, but nothing is like a 'wow’ idea at the moment. All I know is that it’s going to be a mobile app. I think.. ;)

I’m quite thrilled about the project. It’s going to be tough, I’m quite aware of the fact, but I also believe that I will gain knowledge and skills that will somehow benefit in the future :)

Few years ago I took part in contests organized by portal. It was about creating Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps. This was the time when I got really excited about mobile development. Some of my apps were chosen Top 10 in the last contest’s edition, which made me very proud ;)

Apps I created at that time were:

Tile eater

A simple puzzle game. The object of the game is to score most points by rearranging tiles on the game board so that they form a line.

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Kitten box

My version of well-known Mastermind. I replaced colorful dots with kittens ;)

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The object of the game is to guess the word hidden in a square in 5 shots. I really like word games so this was my favourite.

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A simple game where you have to count sheeps showing on a screen. After each round you have to answer a question like „How many pink sheeps where there?”. If you are right, you get a promotion. But things get complicated: the higher you are on a career ladder, the more sheeps, colors, patterns to remember and questions to answer :) I had a lot of fun here while drawing animals to form a frame by frame animation. Sheeps are running, walking, eating and even burping.

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Magic hours

A windows phone app which helps to track so called golden and blue hours. This is a special time during the day which is unique due to a quality of light, perfect for outdoor photography. This is an app which I actually used a lot during my many journeys in the past. Well, at least when I still had my lumia with me…

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I have to say that after creating those apps I got noticed. I even gave a short interview for Wysokie Obcasy Extra magazine. This was a unique experience and one of the nicest things that have ever happend to me. We’ll see how things are going to be this time :)

PS. About the featured image: it is me on the right and there’s my mom on the left. The photo was taken in the 70s during Cobol programming course. Does anybody know the language today? :)