Magic hours, my project for „Get noticed” contest

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Two weeks ago I wrote a post confirming my willingness to take part in Get noticed contest. At that moment I wasn’t still sure what my project is going to be about. I only knew I wanted to focus on the mobile development.

The contest has just begun and I’ve decided to create an iOS app for estimating the time of so called golden and blue hours. This is a special day time around dusk and dawn which is best for landscape and outdoor photography. The time depends on the season and latitude and longitute of the desired location. This is not a new idea: I already did create an app like this in the past, but it only targeted windows phone at that time. Since I switched my lumia to iPhone I can’t use it any longer ;) Within Get noticed contest I want to learn iOS development. The project will be covering topics like: location services, dealing with maps, taking photos, estimating time zones, setting up reminders, fetching weather forecasts.

I’ll be starting from the very beginning. I’m an experienced .net developer but I don’t know swift and know nothing about iOS development design patterns, so there’s whole bunch of new things for me to learn. But wait! There’s more: I haven’t used git and xcode before and I’m rather lame mac user… Boy, it’s going to be fun :) I am familiar, however, with the last stage of iOS development, which is publishing final application to the Apple Store. I worked with xamarin forms in the past. I was able to create one project in c# and reuse the code in three platform dependend projects (for iOS, Android and Windows Phone). Since xamarin went open source, I thought I might use the knowledge to port some of my old windows phone projects. I gave up the idea after months of struggling with poor performance and various xamarin’s limitations. This is when I came up with the concept of getting to know swift better.

I think that my future posts will be more like a diary of a person who tries to master new technology. After all it can’t be that difficult ;)