Designing Magic hour’s app main screen

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Today I focused on designing my application’s main screen. It’s going to be different than in my windows phone project. My previous app’s landing screen was in a form of a dashboard with tiles:

Since I’m now able to calculate sunrise and sunset hours without going online, I came up with this prototype:

I like the idea, because user gets what he (probably) wants right after launching the app :) I used weather icons from here.

I’ll explain now in details what I want to achieve with this project.

  1. Settings button. This opens up a menu allowing to navigate to application settings, about page, faq, privacy policy, credits, and so on.
  2. This is current local time for current location.
  3. The name of current location. Tapping on a location name navigates to detailed info page. Here you can change the name, choose location’s picture and set up reminders.
  4. Indicates there is a reminder set up for current location.
  5. Morning blue hour time.
  6. Sunrise time.
  7. Morning golden hour time.
  8. Evening golden hour time.
  9. Sunset time.
  10. Evening blue hour time.
  11. Current date. Swiping left / right changes current date allowing apps’ user for example to check magic hours time for next Friday.
  12. Weather forecast. This could be useful, my old windows phone project didn’t have this feature.
  13. Creating new location. This will navigate user to a page where she or he will be able to find a place on a map or by entering latitude and longitude. New location will be saved in app’s local settings. This is especially handy when you’re preparing yourself for a journey and want to plan in advance at what time it’s best to visit certain landmarks.
  14. A switch allowing to hide / show user’s saved locations. Tapping on a location will make it current location displaying it’s name, weather and magic hours time on the main screen.

So much to do, so little time :)