My Magic Hours project – what’s up next

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This is my 20th post filed under get noticed tag, which means that I have reached the contest’s finish line :) Hip hip hooray! So I’ve made a short movie on this occasion, showing what my app can do at the moment. I have to warn you, you won’t be overwhelmed with vast number of functionalities ;) Well, but I started my get noticed adventure knowing absolutely nothing about swift programming :)

So what do we have here:

  • getting user’s current location,
  • estimating timezone based on a location,
  • calculating sunrise and sunset hours,
  • fetching weather forecast from web api,
  • sliding sidebar menu,
  • navigating between the views,
  • finding location on a map,
  • collection view control with horizontal scrolling,
  • saving data in application settings.

What I plan to do in the nearest future:

  • embed iOS date control to be able to pick a certain date,
  • add the ability to remove saved location,
  • play around with notifications,
  • implement pull to refresh feature in the main view,
  • redesign main screen (again :P),
  • add „about” and „credits” view.

One thing that bothers me at the moment is that MKLocalSearch results contain points of interests, like small local business nearby, which are completely useless for my app. You can see the effect in the movie when I was searching for Los Angeles or New York. I hope I can work this out somehow.

That’s all, I’ve made it, time for celebration :)