Apples taken with a grain of salt

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The weather outside is just too good to stay at home and code and yesterday was April Fool’s Day. So I decided that today’s post is going to be lightweight and not so serious. I’m going to make fun of Apple. A little bit ;)

There’s a great video of Jerrod Carmichael, an American stand-up comedian, talking about Apple’s brainwashing: it’s not even the best phone!

It’s been a long time since I switched my Lumia for an iPhone. I can’t tell I fell in love with iOS immediately and still, after those eight months, I miss my good old Windows Phone. What I miss most? Tiles! The idea of different size application icons with changing content plus vertical scrolling was brilliant and unique. Iphone’s rounded icons look so lame comparing with what Lumia offered.

The fact that you actually can’t personalize your iPhone’s desktop and can’t get rid off the preinstalled stuff made me put all unused applications in a folder and push it to the last screen. And one day I wanted to setup an alarm for the first time on my new phone. I looked through my apps and settings and nothing looked even close, so I googled it. The first result made me laugh: How to Set an Alarm on an iPhone Clock: 11 Steps (with Pictures). Eleven steps. Eleven! :)

It turned out I had hidden the clock app, which was in this case crucial. Well, good to know :)

The next nuisance are my contacts’ profile pictures. They do not sync with facebook. There are hundreds of tutorials on How to Use Facebook Profile Pictures for iPhone Contacts, but apparently, as I read here:

The Contacts app matches the email address for your contact with the matching address on social media. If you haven’t saved a contact’s email address in the Contacts app, or if they don’t share an email address on their social-media profile, that contact won’t update on your device.

But why? The fact that an iPhone contact matches facebook contact is not enough? Don’t get it..

The last thing I wanted to share with you was one of the stackoverflow’s comments, which I found really funny, despite what the author probably felt ;). I looked for a switch that would make white spaces invisible in Xcode’s editor. Because with the white spaces on the⌴text⌴looks⌴like⌴this⌴and⌴is⌴really⌴hard⌴to⌴read :) The author of the question was actually looking for the opposite: how to make white spaces visible. He found the switch, but his reaction to what he saw afterwards made me laugh:

And seeing how Xcode shows spaces I may reconsider my desire to use this. :-(

There’s more of me making fun of Apple in my previous post. I’ve just noticed that there’s a thin, one-letter-border between fun and fan. Well, maybe someday ;) And what about you? Are you Apple’s fans? :)